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So, you want to join the Circus?

Current Circus is looking to work with interesting and talented developers from all disciplines – 2D / 3D artists, programmers, producers, game designers, sound designers, etc. We are always on the lookout for talented collaborators, whether on a contract / freelance basis, or to fill a full-time employment role in our team.

Current Circus is a collaborative workplace and a fun and friendly environment. We’re looking for people who can provide (and receive) constructive input, take ownership over their ideas, and only aim for the highest quality work.

As a studio, we’re not confined to making games – we do a variety of work across multiple genres, so we need people who are flexible and open-minded enough to go beyond their boundaries, whether the project is a game, an art installation, a digital audio synthesizer, or even a simple prototype.

So, if you are good at juggling, or if you think that Current Circus sounds like a good fit for you, please send us your CV and some samples of your work (web link preferable) to