Beat Booster is a fast-paced racing game that uses cutting-edge, motion control technology. Beat Booster uses full-body motion gestures to control and steer the player’s vehicle without relying on a traditional, hand-held controller.

From volcanoes to canyons, tropical forests to dark caves, players are launched into an adrenaline-pumping aerial course filled with obstacles and challenges – while straddling a 1500lb jet engine!

Fight off opponents with sonic weapons and collect the much-needed energy along the way to boost ahead of the pack!

Beat Booster was initially released on the Asus Wavi Xtion in 2011. The latest release features 2D we-camera support and is now available on the Windows Store.


  • Original music that reacts and changes depending on your game play experience.
  • Select your character! Choose your vehicle!
  • Boost, Jump, Shoot your way to victory!

Windows Store Features:

  • An innovative way to play a classic racing genre, using a standard web-camera and XTR’s Extreme Motion skeleton tracking technology.
  • Offering 6 locations with 3 tutorial tracks and 12 race tracks.
  • Single Player Campaign

Asus Xtion Features:

  • Full body skeleton tracking using the Asus Xtion depth camera
  • Offering 3 tutorial tracks and 6 race tracks.
  • Single Player Campaign
  • Speed Endurance mode
  • Local Multiplayer mode

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